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Post  Naomi on Sun May 01, 2011 7:59 pm

So pretty much what's happened is two experiments from the School, Naomi and Sky, have escaped. Naomi was raised in the school and her mind has been altered with basic information that the School deemed necessary. Sky, on the hand, was kidnapped from her family when she was still very young, but she knows more about the world than Naomi. They became fast friends sitting next to each other in dog crates until they eventually escaped at the ages of 14 and 13. Their other friend Alex was supposed to escape with them, but she was lost and has yet to be seen. Naomi was drawn to the Flock's home through instinct so the two friends arrived there not making the best impressions by knocking down the kitchen wall. Once the Flock found out what was going on they decided Sky and Naomi could stay with them for a while despite their previous actions. Naomi holds a secret aversion towards Max for unknown reasons although Sky has picked up on this. Don't worry, it just gets weirder when night comes around in rain and thunder. Fang goes into a delirium and ends up murdering Dylan in the basement with a plastic knife. He hides his crime but Max, Naomi, and Sky all find both Dylan and Gazzy dead in the basement when going to check if the basement was flooding from the rain. It's unknown to the roleplayers who killed Gazzy for now. Jerry, a creepy stalker ninja from the school, sets up cameras around the house at this time and goes unnoticed. Max ends up calling the flock together and they begin to form plans about how to find out who the culprit is. That's where we are. Smile

I'll update this every now and then.

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